NetSocial Adding Social Accounts and Subscribing to Channels


Your NetSocial administrator will send you an invitation to join NetSocial. Follow the prompts in the email to create your login and password. If you followed the prompts and successfully set up your NetSocial access the next step is to associate your personal social accounts with your NetSocial user and subscribe to channels.

Your administrator has set up different channels for you to subscribe to. Think of channels as a bucket that social media content is going to be put into. By subscribing to a channel you are allowing NetSocial to pull the content out of the bucket and post it to your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. YOU decide which of your social media accounts the content is posted to and whether or not you want to approve the content before it is posted.

Let’s get started linking your social media accounts and adding channel subscriptions

  1. Log into NetSocial by accessing this URL

  2. Enter in your email address and click the “User Your Password” button



  1. The following window will appear. Enter your password and click the “Login” button

  2. When logged in you will be viewing the Dashboard.

  3. In the left side navigation menu click “Social Accounts”


  4. Click the “Add Account” button.

  5. Select the Icon for the social media platform you would like to add. If you are adding multiple, you will need to add each one individually, as linking requires you to enter your login credentials for each different social media platform. The screenshots below are an example of adding your LinkedIn account.


  6. Enter your Login credentials and click the “Sign In button”


  1. From the left side navigation menu choose the “Content” icon and then “Manage Channels”.


  2. Your administrator may have already invited you to join channels. If this is the case, you will see a section at the top titled “Invited” containing channels you have been invited to.

  3. If you would like to subscribe to the channel, click the button that says “Accept Invite”.

  4. Click the down arrow to the right of your name, then select the check boxes in the “Search Accounts” menu for the social accounts you would content to post to from this channel, then click “Accept Invite”.


  5. For the same channel you just did #13 for, click the “Manage” button.


  6. Set the Pause/Share toggle to “Share” so that it is green. Check with your administrator regarding your company preferences for “Unlimited Posts and “Every day”.

  7. In that same window, scroll down until you see the “Require Distribution Approval” toggle. If you set the toggle to “Don’t Require”, content that is put into the channel you are subscribing to will automatically go out to your LinkedIn. If you set the toggle to “Require” you will receive an email for each piece of content that is put in the channel asking you to approve. When you receive the email you simply click the approve button in the email.

  8. After you have made your selection click Save.

  9. Repeat steps 12-17 for each channel you were invited to that you would like to subscribe to.

  10. If you did not have any invitations for channels or you were only invited to some but not all of the channels your administrator set up, the additional channels available will be listed under the “Available Channels” section.

  11. If you would like to subscribe to one of these channels, click the 3 vertical dots then select “Subscribe”.


  12. Click the down arrow to the right of your name, then select the check boxes in the “Search Accounts” menu for the social accounts you would content to post to from this channel, then click “Subscribe”.


  13. Scroll back up to the “My Channels” section, find the channel you just subscribed to and complete steps 14-17.

At any time you can view or change your settings for a channel you are subscribed to by clicking the mceclip16.png button in that channel and following  steps 15-17.

NetSocial assigns a content posting schedule that is unique to each NetSocial user/Social media account. This means that when content is put into the channels you are subscribed to it will find an available timeslot on YOUR UNIQUE schedule and schedule the post. This ensures that the same post doesn’t go out at the exact same day/time for every DW Simpsons LinkedIn accounts. There is NOTHING you need to do with your schedule unless directed to by your administrator; the software takes care of that for you!




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