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Looking to add a Call-To-Action fly-in on your site, or just looking to edit what you already have? Follow these instructions below!

Adding a CTA Fly-in

1) In the WordPress menu below Elementor, click on Templates then Popups



2) To create a new fly-in click Add New

3) Make sure the type of template is set to Popup, enter a title/name if you prefer and click Create Template 


4) Close out of the next window that appears 



5) You can now begin to create your CTA fly-in. Begin by dragging and dropping features you would like to include on your CTA



6) Once you drag and drop an item, you will need to click on the plus icon to add a new section if you would like to add more content.



7) To arrange content once its been added, click on the 6 dots in the middle and drag the selected section to the desired position


8) Click within a section and begin typing to add text

9) Click on the grid icon in the Elementor control panel if you would like to keep adding sections to your fly-in


10) If you add a button to the CTA, you can edit this feature by clicking directly on the button section - make sure to update the button text, where it links to, as well as the button alignment




To change the color of the text or background of a section, first click on the area you would like to edit, then click on the Style option in the Elementor control panel 


Colors that match your theme will be the first options to appear



If you would like to edit features of the overall fly-in, click on the settings icon in the lower left corner



Here you can edit settings like the size and placement of the close button on the CTA, the placement of the CTA itself, and more



Once the CTA has been customized, click the green Publish button for this to be added to your site!

If you'd like to add it to more than just the homepage, click on the arrow whee you click to Update or Publish (see screenshot) and click Display Conditions




Then you can select individual pages


If you need assistance or have questions about this, please reach out to the Haley Marketing support team success@haleymarketing.com. We are happy to help!

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