Uploading Files to Your Website Using WordPress

Uploading a file to your WordPress Website

  1. Log in to your WordPress account.

  2. Click "Media" on the toolbar, located down the left side of the Admin area.

  3. Click "Add New," next to the "Media Library" heading at the top of the page.

  4. Click the "Select Files" button, next to the "Choose files to upload" message.

  5. Locate and select the file on your computer's hard drive, then click "OK." Wait as the file uploads to your website. Once this is complete, a box will appear showing some information about the file, including the file name, file type, upload date and -- right at the bottom -- the URL of the uploaded file. There is also a link to delete the file, in case you uploaded the wrong one.

  6. Type in a name (what you want the link text to display on your page), caption and description of the file in the text fields. Caption and description is optional.

  7. Click "Save all changes." This returns you to the main media library, which is organized by upload date, so your file is at the top. If you need to edit the information about the file, or find its URL, hover over the file, and click "Edit." This will open the same box that appeared when you first uploaded the file.

  8. Insert the file into a page. While viewing your page, select the link/text you are replacing and click the star-shaped "Add Media" button just above the edit window. Then click "Media Library" at the top of the window that appears, and locate the file. Use the search bar at the top, if needed. When you have found the file, click "Show," then click "Insert into post." A link to the file will appear in your post, with the title that you gave it earlier.
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