Basic HTML 101


Basic HTML knowledge is useful when updating text in the Haley Marketing job board or in the text view of WordPress pages, posts or text widgets. Below are some codes of how to format your font.

To create bold or strong text, include the tags in blue with the text in between the tags.
<strong>BOLDED WORD</strong>

To create italicized text for emphasis, include the following tags with the text to be italicized in between the tags.
<em>ITALIC WORD</em>

To create a line break, use the following tag.  Using the tag once will simply start a new paragraph; use the tag a second time to double space.
<br> - line break, can use multiple for spacing

To indent an entire paragraph, use the following tags with the text of the whole paragraph between the tags.
<blockquote>Paragraph</blockquote> - indented text

If using multiple tags, they should be ordered outside-in, not first-last, example:

 To create a bulleted list, use the following example as a template.
This would be the first bullet.</li>
This would be the second bullet</li>

 To create a numbered list, use the following example as a template.  You do not need to type in the numbers.
This would be the first number.</li>
   <li>This would be the second number.</li>


Make sure you close the your tags (i.e. <b>word</b>)


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