Creating A Video For Social Media Posting


VideoNOW has a great feature called "Video Message" that allows you to create videos for posting on social media. 

Creating a Video Message

From the right-side navigation menu select "Create a Video Message"


Enter a Subject Line, Call to Action URL, Call to Action Button Text and/or a Call to Action Phone number.


Click the "Capture Video" button and record your video. After you have finished recording, click the "Submit" button.

You will momentarily receive this message on the screen:


When the video is ready, the Status box will change to indicate "New"


Scroll down to Step 1.

From here you can change your Subject Line and Call to Action settings. You can also re-record the video, and change the thumbnail image by clicking the "Choose File" button underneath the thumbnail image.

Click the "Save" button.



Posting Your Video To Social Media

Scroll down to Step 2

Click the "Copy URL Only" button.


Log in to the social media accounts you are posting to and paste the URL into a post.


Once posted it will be available for viewing!


You can access previously recorded Message Videos from the "My Videos" area of VideoNOW.

Another great benefit is you can see total views for your video across all the social media accounts you posted it to!


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