VideoNOW Overview


Here's an overview including basic instructions and navigation within VideoNOW.

TIP: The best way to get comfortable with VideoNOW is to send one to yourself.  Go through the process as if you were the client you want to communicate with.  You'll see what it feels like, and what it looks like.  Then you'll have a much better understanding of VideoNOW!

Topics covered:

  1. Logging in:
  2. Quick over view of all four types of Videos
    1. Video Testimonials - invite a client or candidate to record a video testimonial
    2. Brand Video - a short video created by you or someone in your firm
    3. Case Study Video - like a video testimonial, but includes a structured series of three questions
    4. Video Email - a short video message easily emailed from within the VideoNow platform
  3. My Videos page - to see the videos you have sent

For more detailed information, please also see:

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