Searching Settings


The searching settings page allows you to control the way your job board works. You can control the appearance of the initial page the candidate sees, the search options, and the application form that is provided.

JB Default Sort Field This setting determines how your job board's default sort (Date? Title? Location?) when an applicant first comes to your job board. The typical default sort field is by date.  

Display all jobs on your initial job board page? By default, the job board presents the job seeker with the option to search jobs.  Checking this option will cause the job board to bypass the initial search page and display the job search results page as the first page on the job board.  This option is particularly relevant if you only have a small number of open jobs.

Display Recruiter Bios? To help create a more personal feel and build relationships with job seekers, recruiters can upload an image (via and a personal profile that can be displayed on the job detail page. When this setting is checked, a recruiter bio box will display for each job on the job board.  When unchecked, no recruiter bios will display. 

Display Salary in Results: This setting allows for the option of including, or not including, the salary in the search results.

Display Application Count: This setting will show how many applicants have already applied for the job. 

Display Search By Employment Type? This setting allows job seekers to search for jobs using the Employment Type field. By default this option is enabled. Disabling this option will remove the Employment Type field from displaying on the job board.

Display Search By Proximity:  This allows job seekers to display their results by the proximity to their postal code. It requires that a zip code is entered for all jobs.

Display Search By Country: If your candidates come from outside of the U.S. this option may be enabled.

Display Location as Dropdown: Replaces the default location input typeahead with a dropdown. Note: Search By Proximity is disabled when this option is enabled. Geo-location function on the job board will also be disabled with dropdown location search.

Search By State Instead of Location: This option allows job seekers to search for jobs by state. Enabling this option will replace the Location field with the State field, and is typically used by clients who place candidates nationwide or across several states.

Expand Advanced Search By Default: If you'd like the Advanced Search fields to display by default, use this option.

Display Date as Today: Use this option to override manually or ATS-connected post dates with the current date.

Hide Post Date? If the post date contains data, the post date label and field will display by default. To hide the post date from all job posts, check this option.

Employment Type Label: The optional field, Employment Type, may be renamed here. By default, the label for this field is "Employment Type".

Category Label: The Category field is used by the Social Media Recruiting Package for job mailings. This field is required on the job board and cannot be hidden. The label used by the field can be changed. By default the Category field label is "Industry".

Enable Sub-categories: Allows manual job posters to set up parent and sub-categories, such as Administrative (parent), Reception (sub), AP/AR (sub), Executive Assistant (sub), etc. For Bullhorn clients, allows jobs to be assigned to multiple categories on the Haley job board, when multiple categories are attributed to the job in Bullhorn.

Pay Rate Label: Utilizing this field will change the term "Pay Rate" on the application to your selected term.  By default the Category field label is "Pay Rate".

State Label: Utilizing this field will change the term "State" on the job board and application. This is typically used by our clients for "Province".

Display "Remote Work" Filter?: Enables the ability to mark a job posting as remote, by choosing one of four standard options - 1) No, 2) Fully Remote, 3) Work from home flexibility, 4) Temporarily remote due to COVID-19. Read more about how to enable this for myHaley manual job posters. How to use this with Bullhorn integration.

Label for Remote Friendly Jobs: Don't like "Remote Friendly"? Set the label to whatever suits your needs - some ideas: Allows Remote Work, Work at Home Options

Optional Search Fields: Three fields are provided that can be used with the job board for searching.  To use these fields, check the checkbox to use the field and enter a label for that field.  If there is no label, the field will not display. You can enter any data that you want into the three optional fields.

Skip the Search Box: Overrides the default "Submit Your Resume" form. 

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