Best Practices: A Guide to Improving Your Blog Article Titles


Need Help Writing A New Blog Title?

There is a reason that a few, very popular, blog sites keep getting a high amount of daily website traffic.

The content they post is highly shareable, revolving around topics that most people of different backgrounds and skills can relate to. And...their article titles are extremely catchy, forcing you to click and read more.

While I don’t recommend your staffing firm starts blogging about 22 Insanely Cozy Things That'll Make You Crave Colder Weather...there are some noteworthy strategies that you can begin implementing to start getting more shares on your content, more pageviews and ultimately - more job seekers looking at your available jobs.

Pass the 3E Test  

Content is everywhere. As a publisher, you’re not only fighting against other staffing firms to break through the content clutter, but also every other company and individual that is posting content on their blog. Make sure your blog titles pass the 3E test: Is it engaging? Is it exciting? Is it enticing? If’re on the right track.

Don’t Answer Your Article’s Main Point in the Title

We see it a lot and, in fact, catch ourselves doing it from time to time. We create a piece of blog content and publish the article only to realize the article’s main question is answered in the title.

Take this for example, “Start Improving Your Team’s Productivity by Having Shorter Meetings!”

Great tip, right? Well, while the article might be the best your team has ever put together, you have no reason to click the link and view the rest of the content. You can improve productivity by having shorter meetings. Point made. End of discussion. 

Instead consider a title like, “Improve Your Team’s Productivity with This Process Change”

This title sparks curiosity and forces the reader to click to learn more.

Make a List

Another way to cut through content overload is to break your content down into bite-sized pieces. Instead of a lengthy blog post, consider breaking your topic down into a list that viewers can quickly browse and read tips that stand out to them.

- 7 Tips for Improving Your First Impression
- You’re Follow Up Letter is Missing These 5 Things
- 4 Time Killers to Avoid in Your Monday Meeting

Include a Major Statistic

The last tip to creating a great blog article title that increases web traffic? Include a major statistic that sparks curiosity.

Instead of "Most Job Seekers Find THIS to Be Challenging When Interviewing", find a great stat to support your claims either from personal data gathered by your company or through data published by another source and consider a title like the following "54% of Job Seekers Said THIS is the Most Challenging Part of an Interview."

Time to start writing your own content with titles that encourage readying and sharing!

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