Posting Jobs in MyHaley


If you haven't yet set up your "Category" options, (and you're posting jobs in myHaley), you'll need to set those up first - use the instructions here:

Once you have your categories set up, now you can begin posting jobs. To post a job, select the Job Boards option from the myHaley main menu, and then click Manage Jobs.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Manage Jobs screen.  From this screen you can easily add a new job, edit an existing job, duplicate a job, or perform a variety of actions like feature, sponsor, bulk edit or archive jobs.

  • To add a new job, click "add" under the Manage Jobs menu.
  • On this screen, you will have the ability to enter information about the position.  The required fields are "Job Title," "Industry," "Expiration Date," "Recruiter," and "Description" - however, we recommend entering as much information as possible to aid the candidate.

The fields include:

Job Number: This is your company’s internal job number.  Many job aggregators require a job number to post a job, so it is something we strongly recommend.

Title: The job title of the position. This field is required. Many job titles tend to be somewhat generic - to help your jobs stand out to prospective job candidates, we suggest that you incorporate relevant search terms into your job titles and/or adjectives that make the job sound more appealing.

Employment Type:  Most often used to describe whether the job is temporary, temp-to-hire, permanent, contract, full-time, part-time, etc. You may select from the drop-down list or build the list by entering a new employment type in the space provided. This field can also be hidden for all jobs by default. Click here to find out how.

Prequalification Form: You may set up a prequalification form to screen potential applicants from applying to this open job.  You can select a form or select to have no prequalification form from the drop-down list.

Industry (Category): The label for this field can be customized and defaults to Industry. This field is used to define the category of each job, which can then be matched to the category that a candidate selects on registration for the job board.  This information is used with the Social Media Recruiting Package to send featured job emails to candidates. You will need to add your categories prior to posting your first job.

Pay Rate: You may enter the pay details in any format that works for you (e.g., annual salary, hourly rate, based on experience, etc.)

Date Posted: The date posted is the date displayed on the job if that field is active on the job board. When left blank, the date posted will default to today.

Expiration Date: The expiration date is used to automatically remove jobs from the job board. After the expiration date, the job will no longer be active. You may set your default expiration date on the Editing Settings screen.

Recruiter: The Recruiter is the owner of the job post who will receive the applications and resumes submitted for this position.  Recruiters can be added, edited or removed through the admin section of myHaley.

City: The city where the position is located. We recommend setting a company standard for entering locations, to keep the dropdown menu organized and neat.  Using official names for cities is recommended, for example, Los Angeles, as opposed to "Metro Los Angeles".

State: The state where the position is located. This field is required.

Zip/Postal Code: The zip code where this position is located. This field is used for proximity searching and is required if the proximity search option is enabled.

Country: The country where the position is located.  This field is used to change the labels on the job board. (e.g., Canadian jobs are listed with provinces and postal codes.) This field is required.

Optional Fields: Your job board allows you to create up to three additional job post fields.  These fields can be custom labeled to be anything you'd like. Additional information about the use of optional fields can be found in the Settings section of this guide. (These fields are only visible if they are checked on the Settings page.)

Description, Requirements and Additional Information

Description:  The description of the position to be filled. This should “sell” the position to prospective job seekers.  The description is displayed in detailed view on the Search Results page. Because of this, it is recommended that the description be kept to a paragraph or two. You may use the editor to add formatting to the description.  This field is required.

Requirements: The requirements of the position to be filled. This should provide detailed information to the prospective job seekers about the skills and traits that are expected of the ideal candidate.  The requirements are displayed on the Job Details page. You may use the editor to add formatting to the description. 

Additional Information: This field can be used to describe the hiring company, provide orientation videos or other media. The additional information field is displayed on the Job Details page. Please note that this field is NOT included in job feeds. You may use the editor to add formatting to the description. If you would like to add default content so each new job has the same additional info, please click here to find out how.

Actions Menu

In the upper right green box on a job, you'll see an "Actions" box.This is where you can mark jobs to be featured and sponsored, and is where you will click to Save and post the job, or remove the job by archiving.

Feature: Press Yes to feature a job. Featured jobs are used with the Social Media Recruiting Package to determine which jobs are included in mailings.  Featured jobs can also be used with job feeds to display hot jobs.

Sponsor: Press this button to sponsor a job. If you have an active, paid account with Indeed, Simply Hired or Careerjet, your jobs will be sponsored and posted via the Social Media Recruiting Package automatically. If you would like to include sponsored (paid) job posts, you may select this option. Please note: this feature must be enabled by a Haley Marketing support team member.

Archive: This field is only visible when a job has already been posted, and allows you to remove a posted job from the job board.

When you have completed the desired fields, press the "Save" button to complete the posting.

Please note: If your job board is integrated with an Applicant Tracking Software System, you will not use this method to post jobs.  For more information about integrations, or how to integrate your ATS with the Haley Marketing job board, please contact

If you have an integration, and you do need a job edited or taken down before the next update, you may edit jobs manually - but always remember to make the same changes in the ATS - if you don't, the feed or file of jobs from the ATS will override any manual changes you made via myHaley.

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