5.3 Manage Categories on your job board


Jobs on your job board are organized by a set of categories or industries. You can add as many categories as you'd like. These categories can be used as filters when searching and browsing for jobs. Typically, the categories would consist of job categories of expertise, such as IT, Industrial, Engineering, Administrative, etc.

Add a Category

To add a new category to your job board, go to myHaley and click on Manage Categories under the Job Boards menu in the left sidebar.


Once there, you may add a new category by typing the name of the category into the "Add A New Category" name field and clicking the "Add" button. Once you click "Add", a new screen will appear that will allow you to add a category description (for internal use only).


You may choose to use sub-categories as well. To enable sub-categories, go to Job Boards>Settings>Searching and check the box under the Category Label field to Enable Sub-categories.

You can then add sub-categories using the same method outlined above.

Please note: For clients who have ATS integrations, your list of categories comes directly from your ATS job data, you will not use this section to Manage Categories, unless you are deleting a no longer used category.


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