Editing an active, archived or expired job


To edit an active job that is posted on your job board, select a job to edit from the list on the right. By default, all active jobs are displayed.

The job edit icons:

Clicking the preview icon will display the job on your job board.

Clicking on the job title or the Edit icon will open the job editing page for that job.

Clicking on the Duplicate icon will make a copy of the job and open that new job in the job editing page.

The Actions menu:

You may perform a variety of actions against multiple jobs by using the Action menu. Select the jobs that you want to edit by checking the checkbox net to those jobs, and then press the Actions menu button.

Feature: Select this option to feature all of the selected jobs. Featured jobs are used with the Social Media Recruiting Package to determine which jobs are included in mailings. Featured jobs can also be used with job feeds to display hot jobs.

Bulk Edit: Select this option to “refresh” the date posted or expiration date on all of the selected jobs.

Archive: Select this option to archive all of the selected jobs. Jobs are not deleted from the job board to allow for fully functional historical reporting. Instead, you may choose to archive older jobs or jobs that you do not want to appear in your active or expired job lists.

Sorting the job list:

You may sort the list of jobs at any time by pressing the Sort button. The options to sort include by job title, job number, location or post date. Using the sort feature with the filtering options will make it easy to find the job you want to edit.

Filtering the job list:

To the left of the jobs list is the filter sidebar. Using the filter options will allow you to search and find the jobs you need to edit more efficiently than just scanning the complete list. By default, the filters are set to display all active jobs in the brief view.

You may enter any keyword to search for jobs.  The keyword search will return any job that has the keyword in the title, job description, job requirements, or other job details.  Hint: If you use job number on your jobs, using the keyword search to find a particular job number is the fastest way to find a job.

The job description of the jobs on the job list is hidden by default.  If you would like to have these details displayed on the job list, select Yes to View Details.

By default, only active jobs are displayed on the job list, and are therefore returned on a keyword search.  To include expired jobs or archived jobs, check the appropriate checkbox under the general filters. You can also choose to display only featured or sponsored jobs as well. Combining these general filters can be useful to limit the list to only those jobs you need to review or edit.

Additional Filters are available based on the settings you have selected for your job board.  These filters usually contain Category/industry, Employment Type, and Location.  These may be labeled differently depending on your job board settings.  If you are using any of the optional search fields (field1, fields2 and field3), these will also be available as filters.

Note that these filters are closed by default. Click on the arrow () to the left of the filter label to open the list of options.

To apply any of the filtering options, you must press the Update Results button at the bottom of the filtering sidebar.

Editing an Archived or Expired Job

To edit a job that has already expired or has been previously archived, use the filters at the left to display the Expired or Archived jobs, then the select a job to edit from the list on the right and make the necessary edits as described above. To unarchive, click the maroon "Archived" button and save the job.

To repost an expired job, just set the Date Posted and Expiration Date and save the job.

Refreshing Jobs

To make a job appear new, you can update the post date of the job. To repost an expired job, change the expiration date. If you're refreshing more than one job with the same information, you can simply select the jobs to be updated by checking the checkbox to the left of the job title in the job list, press the Actions button, select Bulk Edit, select the new post date or expiration date, and press Save.  This will update all selected jobs with the new dates and the jobs that were previously expired will post.


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