Welcome to our Help Center, affectionately referred to as "Help Me Haley!"

The Help Center provides training videos, product documentation and FAQs on all
of our products and services. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the knowledgebase of information.

If you cannot find the answer here, please submit a request and our support team will be happy to assist you. To help us help you, please include as much detail as you can in your request (e.g., Page URLs,  etc.)


Here's our simple rule for support:
We never charge for fixing a mistake we made, but everything else is billable.

Our support team is here to help you. And most of the time, we'll make minor website updates and answer your questions at no charge. However, any support request that requires substantial time or research, input from team members outside of our support team, or third-party involvement will be billed at our current hourly rates.


We totally understand your desire to have more personal calls rather than going back and forth through email and our help system.  Intuitively, it seems right on, and if there was a great way to provide human support to every call, we would.

There is actually a rationale behind our support decision. At Haley Marketing, our goal is to deliver "shareworthy" service; service that our clients feel is so good that they want to tell others.  When it comes to technical support, we have learned over years of experimentation that telephone based support is actually less effective than email and help desk based support. The reason is that we handle more than 9,000 support tickets each year.  We have a team of four full-time people whose sole job is to help our clients with their questions. We used to try and do this by phone and it was simply unmanageable. The only way to keep control over the process and ensure timely response was to go to a help desk platform. In 2016, our average response to inquiries was 3.5 hours. And we resolved the majority of tickets within 18 hours. While this is not a perfect system, it is really the only way to effectively manage the very large volume of inquiries we receive.

We do apologize that we can't be quite as personal as you'd like in the support process, but our approach allows us to provide faster response and continue to offer technical support at no cost to you.




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