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Beginning in early 2018, we will be moving all of our Managed WordPress Hosting to our new hosting partner, WP Engine. We believe this move will allow us to provide faster sites and improved uptime, while improving our overall service by providing what our clients want - more control over their sites. And we are making this change at no cost to you!


Q: Why are you making this change?

  • Our current hosting solution requires us to host all websites in the same “container”, which means changes to one site could potentially impact another site in that container. For example, the installation of a plug-in with a security vulnerability, could allow a hacker to gain access not only to the site where the plug-in is located, but also to all the other sites’ files in that container.

    This is why we are adamant about not allowing clients to install their own plug-ins. We aren’t being ogres! We are trying to protect our clients’ assets.

    With WP Engine, we are able to host each site in an individual container and still monitor and maintain all of the sites. While it is going to cost Haley Marketing more to host your site at WP Engine and deliver this higher level of service, our fee for hosting services to you will remain the same. And we will still be able to actively manage your site and make sure backups are made nightly, your site is checked nightly for security issues, and plugins are updated at least weekly.

Q: Will I be able to install my own plug-ins now?

  • Yes! Moving our hosting will give you greater control over your site. As always, we do caution you to only install plug-ins that are well-supported and necessary. More plug-ins means more overhead and a slower site, which could impede your search result rankings. So, be careful but have at it!

Q. Can I get FTP access?

  • Yes! Moving our hosting will put your site in its own private container, so you or your tech team, can now have FTP access if needed. Caution though – with that access you are opening up potential security issues, so be sure to use strong passwords and only give access to those who absolutely need it.

Q. Will I still get support from Haley Marketing or will I call WP Engine?

Q. How do we get SSL?

  • Great news! It’s much easier to set up SSL. Yes, there is an extra charge because there is extra work and maintenance on our part, but it’s only $15/month and we will provide the security cert for you. Nothing for you to do except sign a quick agreement saying you’re good to go. We’ll take it from there.

Q. Why do I need SSL?

  • That little green lock icon in the address bar of the browser is worth its weight in gold bitcoin. It’s a way to inspire confidence in your website audience, protect your website from vulnerabilities and data breaches, and it helps increase your site’s rank on Google search results. SSL is widely becoming the internet standard, and yes, you really will need it. The extra $15/month is a small price to pay for better web traffic and peace of mind for your clients and candidates!

Q. Wait, what is SSL?

  • You’ve seen the little green lock icon and noticed the “s” in the https://, and you think you’ve heard of SSL, but what is it and what does it mean?

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology that makes the connection to a website secure and encrypted and ensures that any data that is entered is safely shared with that website. Basically, it scrambles the data that is sent over the internet so that hackers cannot read it. This is especially important when that data is personal information, like names, addresses, resume information, etc.

Q. Is my job board, talent showcase, HaleyMail, etc. moving?

  • Nope. WP Engine only hosts WordPress. Haley Marketing will continue to host all non-WordPress products like the HMG Job Board, talent showcase, HaleyMail and myHaley.

Q. What will it cost?

  • It won’t cost you anything extra for the services you are currently receiving. If you would like to add SSL, and we strongly suggest you do, then it will be $15/month more for hosting. Otherwise, you’ll continue to get billed the way you are now.

Q. How much work do I need to do?

  • Other than giving us login to your current DNS provider, you won’t have to do anything. Team Haley will take care of all the heavy work and downtime will be minimal to none.

Q. How much downtime will there be?

  • Fingers crossed but there should be none. For CYA purposes, we will say outages will be minimal (15-30 minutes at most.)

Q. What do I need to learn? What changes from my perspective?

  • Nothing! It should be transparent to you. You will still login to WordPress as you always have. No learning curve. No pain. Just gain!

Q. Do I have to move?

  • Technically, no you don’t have to right now. But if you don’t now, you probably will have to in the future. But a better question is: given all the benefits, with no cost or pain, why would you not want to move right now?

Q. When is this happening?

  • In early 2018, we will be moving sites as we receive DNS credentials. Each site move requires a multi-day process. Since it won’t impact your site, please go ahead and get us the DNS login information, and then don’t worry about it! If you have questions along the way, our Client Success team is available to answer your questions.


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