Applying for a job


To apply for a position, job seekers can press the Apply Online button. The options to Apply with Indeed is available with the Social Media Recruiting Package. For details about those options, please refer to the Social Media Recruiting Package section.

After pressing the Apply Online button, job seekers will be presented with an application. Depending on the settings on the job board, it may be the standard (short form) application which requests contact information, cover letter and resume, or the full application form that requests education and work history as well.

The application requires the job seeker to create a password and register on the job board. By registering, the application information is saved and available for future applications. A registered job seeker can also save searches, sign up for job agents and opt-in to receive future job mailings with the Social Media Recruiting Package. Please note, the password/sign up feature can be disabled in myHaley settings.

After a job seeker applies, the owner of the job post will receive a notification email with the application information. New job seekers will receive a welcome email and be reminded of their login credentials. Lastly, the default job board owner at your company will receive a notification that the job seeker has been added to your database. This notification can be disabled, as it is only informational, no action is needed when a signup is generated.

Please note: The standard job board application can be overridden - typically, this would be an online application that a client has through a third party ATS or a custom form built on a client's website. If you would like more information on how to use your own application solution with the Haley Marketing job board, please contact

If your job board is integrated with your ATS, the application process may differ. Refer to your third party integration guide for more details.


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