Getting Familiar with your MyHaley website


After logging into myHaley, you will have several menu options to choose from.  These may vary based on the product you have licensed and have been set up to access. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the myHaley site.

  • The dashboard has links to the Help Center, to submit a support ticket, a link to ask us for more info on products you may be interested in adding, our release notes for all Haley products and your profile information including your Gravatar and public display fields.
  • The main navigation menu is where you'll find links to access all the products that Haley offers.
  • Once you select an option from the main menu, the submenu will display for that option.
  • Notice that at the top right, you are able to log out, and at the bottom right, you can click the big green help button at any time!
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