Application Manager: Sending Candidate Emails


Sending Candidate Emails

There are a couple ways to send email messages to a candidate or a group of candidates.

  1. You click on the "Email Candidate" value in the individual candidate Actions drop down to send an individual message.
  2. You can select multiple job applications and then choose "Email Candidate" from the Actions menu to send a messages to multiple candidates.


For an individual message, you can edit the following options:

    • From: Who the email is going to be sent from (users in myHaley).
    • BCC: Allows you to blind copy the recruiter assigned to the job.
    • Mailing Type: Select one of the three email templates available to use with Application Manager.
    • Subject: Comes from your email template, but you can edit if needed on an individual message.
    • Message Content Area: Populated by your chosen template, but can be edited as needed on an individual message.


To edit the message content area, enter your message text into the text editor. If you would like to add HTML, click on the source button in the editor's toolbar:


Once you are done, click SAVE. You may edit all three messages from this screen.

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