Application Manager: Viewing and Managing Applications


Viewing and Managing Applications: MANAGE APPLICATIONS Screen

View all job applications or find job applications by keyword, inquiry date, your own job applications, favorited applications, new applications, and archived applications.


  • By Status: Filter applications by new status labels. Read more about statuses here.
  • By Owner: Filter applications by the recruiter assigned to the job.
  • Job Category: Filter applications based on jobs category.
  • Job Number: Filter applications based on the job ID.

Using the Status and Actions Menus

  • Use the Actions menu at the top of the list of applications to bulk edit (more than one application at a time) to change application status, email a group of candidates, mark applications as favorites, or archive applications you no longer wish to see on your list of active applications.
  • Use the Status menu on an individual job application to change the status for that individual application.
  • Use the Actions menu on an individual job application to add a note to the contact record, email the candidate using your message templates, to favorite an application, or to set an application to archive (so you no longer see it on the list of applications).

Exporting Job Applications

Export a .csv file of your job applicants by clicking the "Email This Report" button. The file will be sent to you via email within a few minutes. Application reports include name, email, job category, date applied, application source, job ID, application method, resume link, recruiter name and email.


Viewing and Managing Applications: Job Posting Screen

You can also manage applications using all of the tools above from the individual job postings screen as shown below, including editing status, favoriting, viewing application modal, sending messages, exporting applications, etc.


Read more about the Application Manager add-on here:


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