Adding Job-Specific Postqual Questionnaires using Bullhorn


The postqual form is a form that comes after the application - the idea is to be able to collect additional data after an application has been submitted, such as a link to a portfolio, or other questions that may not be on the main application.

If you have a Bullhorn-integrated job board, you can either set a default postqual, or you can go a step further and create and assign custom postqual forms. There is a step that you must complete within Bullhorn to set up a question on your job order screens to be able to set the postqual on a job-specific basis.

Please note that this information will feed into Bullhorn into the NOTES section on the candidate record. 

To create a postqual questionnaire in Bullhorn:

  1. Use a custom integer field in Bullhorn to create a question like "Enter a Postqual Form ID for this job". 
  2. Provide the custom integer field name to the Haley Marketing support team (
  3. Set up a postqual as shown in the next set of instructions. Once that is complete, you will be able to pull the postqual ID and add it to the job in Bullhorn. The next time the jobs are pulled from Bullhorn, the postqual will load after the application is submitted on the job for which it is assigned.

To find the ID of a postqual in myHaley:

  1. Login to myHaley and click on "Job Boards">"Postqual Forms" in the left sidebar.
  2. On this screen, you'll see all postquals already set up, if any. If you are just looking for the postqual ID, you can get it right from this screen.mceclip1.png
  3. If you need to set up a new postqual, click "add" in the left sidebar. and follow the instructions here: 

As always, if you have any questions about the prequal process, or any other feature of your Haley job board, please visit HelpMe Haley to browse our knowledgebase, or submit a support ticket.


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