Using the Remote Work Feature with Bullhorn Integration


If you'd like to tag jobs that allow remote work, there are a couple steps you need to take:

  1. In Bullhorn, use a custom text field to create a new custom field on your job order form as follows:
    • Name the field "Allows Remote Work?"
    • Use the "Dropdown" edit type
    • Value List: 0,1,2,3
    • Display List: No,Fully Remote,Work from home flexibility,Temporarily remote due to COVID-19
    • Default Value: 0
  2. Set a job with one of the values above, then provide the Haley Marketing Success Team with job ID for the remote job and the custom field name set up in #1 (example: 'customText10').
  3. Enable the Remote Work feature in myHaley by logging into myHaley and going to Job Boards>Settings>Searching and check "Display "Remote Work" Filter?" option.
  4. You can change the filter name to whatever you'd like on that same page, the default label is "Remote Friendly".
  5. The next time the jobs are pulled (hourly), the remote values will appear on the appropriate jobs.

Bullhorn field setup:



myHaley Setup:


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