Adding Post Qualification Questions to your Job Board


The Post Qualification form is a form that comes AFTER the application that will allow you to collect limited additional information from your applicants AFTER they apply. This is only supported for clients using the Haley Marketing application, not for third party ATS applications.

For our API integrations like Bullhorn, this data is stored in the ATS as a note on the candidate record. For non-integrated clients, the information is sent in a separate email to the job owner.

To set up a postqual:

  1. Login to myHaley and click on "Job Boards">"Postqual Forms" in the left sidebar.


  2. On this screen, you'll see all postquals already set up, if any.  If you're setting up a new one, click "add" in the left sidebar.
  3. Next step is to create the postqual - fill out the fields on the page that looks like the image below:

    LABEL - Add the name of the postqual - if you'll be using one postqual for all jobs, you can name it something like "Additional information needed:". If you plan to set up different postquals for different jobs, name it something you'll recognize when adding it to a job. This label is displayed on the form.*
    DESCRIPTION - Text displayed at the top of your postqual. Example: "Please answer the following questions to be considered for placement."
  4. Click the "Add a new postqual" button to save.

To add the questions to your postqual:

  1. Now that you have the base settings for your postqual, the next step is to add the questions.  The questions can request yes/no answers, or freeform text answers. Click on the postqual you'd like to edit and click the "Add another question" button as shown below.


    Some examples of questions:
    • Yes/No: "Do you have reliable transportation?"
    • Yes/No "Have you worked with our company in the past year?"
    • Freeform Text: "Do you have a link to your work portfolio that you'd like to share?"
  1. If you want additional questions, click the "add questions" button again.  When done, click "Save Questions".
  2. At any time you can edit the postqual base settings (see #3 above) by clicking the "EDIT SETTINGS" button at the top of the page.

Add the postqual to jobs:

  1. Now that you have a postqual form set up, you can add it to your jobs in a couple ways.  You can set it to load for every job (anyone with an integrated Haley job board using Haley's application would use this option), or you can assign it to specific jobs by editing the settings of the job (only supported for clients with no integration using the Haley application).
  2. TO SET THE DEFAULT POSTQUAL for ALL JOBS: Go to "Job Boards">"Settings">"Applications" in the left sidebar and choose your postqual in the drop down field called "Default Post Qualification Form". 

  3. TO SET A POSTQUAL FOR A SPECIFIC JOB: Go to "Job Boards">"Manage Jobs" and locate the job you wish to edit. Once on the edit job screen, find the field called "Post Qualification Form" and choose the postqual from the drop down. mceclip5.png
  4. Once you have set up and enabled the postqual for one or more jobs, it will appear AFTER the application when someone applies for a job on your job board. Here's what it will look like when someone submits the Haley application: 

As always, if you have any questions about the postqual process, or any other feature of your Haley job board, please visit HelpMe Haley to browse our knowledgebase, or submit a support ticket.

*If your job board is integrated with an ATS, you will not be able to set postquals on specific jobs - you'll only be able to assign to ALL jobs, and postquals are ONLY SUPPORTED if you're using the Haley Marketing application. They are not supported with third party applications. Contact our support desk for more information about your specific job board integration.

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