Create a filtered RSS jobs feed


Creating a Filtered RSS feed

If you need a version of your jobs RSS feed that only includes a specific portion of your jobs, you can create a filtered RSS jobs feed.

The easiest way to do this is to go to your live job board, set the search criteria, click "Begin Searching". At the bottom of the page, you'll see an RSS feed icon.

If you click it, it will open in a new window, and the filtered RSS feed in the address bar is now filtered by your search criteria. You can further filter using the left sidebar filter function - after you "Update Results", the RSS URL in the address bar will update as well.

Alternatively, you can visit your Job Boards dashboard via myHaley, find your standard RSS jobs feed, and add criteria to the URL as per the instructions below.

To use this criteria to limit your RSS feed, just add ?fieldname=value to the end of the RSS URL, replacing fieldname with a field from the list below and value with the value of the field in the job board.  

Here are the exact field names you can use to filter:
• location (City)
• state (State)
• category (Industry)
• POST_EMPLOYMENT_TYPE (Employment Type)
• Featured (featured jobs)
• contact (filter by recruiter)

To find the category ID to filter by category, go to Manage Categories - the ID is in the category label in the select a category drop down.

You may string together multiple criteria by simply replacing the question mark (?) with a ampersand (&) on subsequent criteria: 

You may also limit the number of posts displayed by appending &pp=value (where value is the # of jobs)

Note that to use values that contain spaces or special characters, the character must be replaced:

  • Space must be replaced with %20
  • Ampersands must be replaced with %26
  • Parenthesis: opening with %28 - closing with %29
  • Forward Slash must be replaced with %2F
  • Exclamation marks must be replaced with %21
  • Quotation marks must be replaced with %22
  • Pound sign must be replaced with %23
  • Dollar symbol must be replaced with %24
  • Percentage symbol must be replaced with %25

To search for a specific phrase, wrap the phrase in quotes - using the characters above - eg. &keywords=%22Search+for+this+phrase%22

Filter by Recruiter ID

You can also add a field to the RSS feed to filter by recruiter ID. To obtain the recruiter, ID, you would login to myHaley and go to the Admin screen (click "Admin" at the top of the page). The values you will need are the ID numbers that show up in the drop down under Select a User. Please note, these feeds can only been seen in a feed reader on Chrome, or in IE and Firefox. The parameter to use is "contact" - example: 

If contact is an additional filter:


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