Category Mailing vs. Job Agent Alert Mailing


A frequent question we get in the support center asks for the difference between the "Category Mailing" and "Job Agent Alert Mailing" (Saved Search) emails that go out to candidates on the job board.

Here are some examples to help differentiate these two types of emails coming from your job board:

Here's a category mailing:

Here's a job agent mailing:

The big difference is in how they're generated.

Job Search Agent Mailing:

This is an automatic mailing that's sent out by the job board whenever a new job matches any of the "Saved Search" criteria from a candidate.  How does this happen? When a candidate uses your job board, they're given an option to "Save" a search.  These saved searches allow the candidate to easily search on the job board again with a single click (their search preferences are saved). The criteria they choose for their search is what triggers the job agent mailings - when a new job is posted that matches their saved search criteria, they'll get a notification, 

Notifications are sent daily, beginning at 5am ET.

Candidates can see their saved searches by logging into the job board:

Category Mailings:

The category mailings are category-based. When a candidate signs up for the job board (or through the Haley Marketing application), they provide an email address and other contact info, they choose the types of positions that interest them (these are just the categories/industries on the job board), and the consent to email them.

A client admin user in myHaley can then enable a category mailing for each category on the job board. At this point, any jobs that are either featured on the job board or newly posted in the last 7 days (regardless of featured status) get sent out in a "category mailing" to every candidate that has selected a particular category upon signup and approval to email enabled on their account. These mailings are proximity-based, as long as a candidate has entered a zip code when signing up.

These mailings are sent individually, so a candidate with 4 interested categories can receive up to 4 featured mailings a day.

Category mailings can be sent either on-demand (go out in the next 5-10 minutes) or automatically on a weekly basis.

See more on setting up and sending these emails here.

Our training webinars cover this with video examples, and we encourage everyone to watch these, as well:

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