How Can I Create a Filtered Search URL


Creating a Filtered Search URL

Do you want a link on your site or to provide to someone so they can view a filtered list of your jobs on your job board? Maybe you have a divisional page for your Accounting Division - and want to add a link on that page to your job boards account jobs?

Start with a Base URL

Here’s the base “template” for a filtered search where the text in between « and » is variable based on job board/search criteria:

http://«clientjobboardURL»/index.smpl?arg=jb_search_results&«fields you need to filter by, separated by ampersand»

Here are the fields you can use to filter:

  • featured
  • proximity
  • zip
  • keywords
  • category

Want More than One Filter?

You may string together multiple criteria by simply adding additional parameters to the URL as shown here:


How To Find the Parameter Names and Values

The easiest way to get the proper parameters in your filtered search URL so your search returns the relevant jobs is to go to your board and perform a search based on the filters you need.

For example, if you wanted to create a filtered search URL to return all jobs in the "Technical" category on this job board, you'd perform the search as shown here:


After you click Begin Searching, you're taken to a screen like the one below. On this screen, click the "Get this search as an RSS feed".


This will open a new window - place your cursor in the address bar on that page, and scroll right to the end.


You'll see the parameters and values, and can copy the ones you need right from that URL and paste it onto the template URL above - here's how this one would look:

You can also find the category ID to filter by categoryin the Manage Categories section in myHaley - the ID is in the category label in the select a category drop down.

How Will It Look?

Here's what the results will look like when you go to that link:


As mentioned above, you can create filtered search URLs for one parameter or multiple.

Note that to use values that contain spaces or special characters, the character must be replaced:

  • Space must be replaced with %20
  • Ampersands must be replaced with %26
  • Parenthesis: opening with %28, closing with %29
  • Forward Slash must be replaced with %2F
  • Exclamation marks must be replaced with %21
  • Quotation marks must be replaced with %22
  • Pound sign must be replaced with %23
  • Dollar symbol must be replaced with %24
  • Percentage symbol must be replaced with %25

To search for a specific phrase, wrap the phrase in quotes - using the characters above - eg. &keywords=%22Search+for+this+phrase%22

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Updated 5/15/19


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