How Can I Create a Filtered Search URL


Creating a Filtered Search URL

Updated 01/05/2017

Here’s the base “template” for a filtered search where the text in between « and » is variable based on job board/search criteria:

http://«clientjobboardURL»/index.smpl?arg=jb_search_results&«fields you need to filter by, separated by ampersand»

Here are the exact field names you can use to filter:
• location (City)
• state (State)
• category (Industry)
• POST_EMPLOYMENT_TYPE (Employment Type)
• Featured (featured jobs)
• keywords

You may string together multiple criteria by simply replacing the question mark (?) with a ampersand (&) on subsequent criteria:


Note that to use values that contain spaces or special characters, the character must be replaced:

  • Space must be replaced with %20
  • Ampersands must be replaced with %26
  • Parenthesis: opening with %28, closing with %29
  • Forward Slash must be replaced with %2F
  • Exclamation marks must be replaced with %21
  • Quotation marks must be replaced with %22
  • Pound sign must be replaced with %23
  • Dollar symbol must be replaced with %24
  • Percentage symbol must be replaced with %25
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