Can I customize my job board's XML feed or RSS feed to include a custom referral token? Can I create a custom URL to provide to a third party that sets a specific referral source for a job?


Your RSS and XML* feeds include job data from your job board. You may be able to share these feeds to post your jobs to third party websites that are not part of our Social Media Recruiting Package.

To include a custom token, just append the following to each feed:

RSS feed - Append ?rid=[[insert token here]]

XML feed - Append &rid=[[insert token here]]

[[insert token here]] should be replaced with the appropriate text.

So, for example, you want to give ZipRecruiter a feed of your jobs and be able to track jobs that come in from that feed, you would provide ZipRecruiter with your XML feed with: &rid=ZipRecruiter

See our article on where Haley posts your jobs if you have questions about the Haley XML feeds and third party job aggregators. See our article on where to view sources in myHaley here.

* To find your RSS and XML feeds, go to your myHaley job boards dashboard. If your XML is not displayed, please submit a support ticket and we can enable it for you. Also, please note that these feeds are part of the Social Media Recruiting Package - if you do not have this feature, please contact us for more information.

For Individual Jobs

You can also include a custom token with individual jobs that you post on other sites. For example, if you post a job to Dice, you provide a link back to the job board with the referral token on the end (You must use the non-SEO URL for this to work).

You can customize either the application link, if you have the description already on the third party site, or you can add a link to the main page where people can read about it then click apply. To do so:

  1. Go to the job you want to post and click Apply. Copy the URL in the address bar.

  2. Take that URL and add the “rid” if you want to just get the application link:

For clients who do not use the Haley job board application, and use a third party application instead, you can use the non-seo description link, and the way to get that is to replace the "jb_apply" in the above URL to "jb_details" like this:

Dice” can be replaced with whatever text you need to identify the source when it comes into Bullhorn.

NOTE: You may also replace the POST_ID variable in the feed URL with the job ID, which may be an easier method, as the job ID is easier to find for a client. The link would look like this:[insert job ID]&rid=[insert custom referral text]




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