Increasing Deliverability of HaleyMail Mailings


There have been several important changes to the way HaleyMail now sends mail.  We now have greater control over the scheduling of mailings.  We also have the ability to send mail faster. Finally, we can now send emails from several servers simultaneously.

All these changes can make your marketing efforts more successful, but only if your mail is getting delivered. HaleyMail always supported the ability to send email from any email address you chose.  This feature can cause problems for deliverability if your email address’s domain doesn't specifically say that it is okay for us to send mail on your behalf.

The instructions below describe how this is done. Making these changes will increase your HaleyMail mailing deliverability dramatically.

Step 1: Determine where your domain’s DNS is hosted
Step 2: Update your SPF record
Step 3: Brand your HaleyMail URL to your company

Without SPF records on your domain, your emails may not get delivered, or may be placed in the junk or bulk email folder.

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