Branding Your HaleyMail URL

Your HaleyMail account is an extension of your corporate website. The landing pages that are used to display your HaleyMail content are setup to look and feel like your website so the two work together seamlessly.

The only way someone knows they aren’t on your website is by looking at the URL in the browser address bar. You can control this address and make it part of your company’s domain (e.g.,,, etc.) An added benefit of making this change is that your HaleyMail content will now offer a substantial SEO benefit to your website.

Branding your HaleyMail URL is a two step process:

First,  you (or whomever maintains your domain DNS records on your behalf) needs to set up a subdomain in your DNS zone record.   This is done by adding an A record pointing to the  IP address

Then, just let your Marketing Advisor know what your subdomain is and we’ll take care of the rest.

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