TempWorks Integration Overview


To set up the integration, you will need the TempWorks job board as part of your software bundle. You won’t make the TempWorks job board publicly seen, but it is required for TempWorks to send us the feed we need.

When you are ready to start the project with us, you will obtain the following from TempWorks. (Just tell them it is for the Haley job board)

  1. TempWorks Indeed Feed URL
  2. SQS Key
  3. HRCenter (electronic onboarding) URL

The integration with TempWorks Beyond/Enterprise works as follows:

  1. You enter the job order in Beyond/Enterprise There is a special section of the job order designated for job board postings. TempWorks has a knowledge base article that explains how this works.
  2. Once per hour, we pull the job feed and update the jobs on the Haley job board. Only open jobs in Beyond/Enterprise  that are marked as “Is Visible” (Beyond) or "Do Not Post To Web" unchecked (Enterprise) will post. The feed update will also remove any job orders you closed since the last feed pull or anywhere the “Is Visible”/"Do Not Post To Web" selection was changed.

On the Haley job board, when a candidate applies to the job, they will be directed to your TempWorks HRCenter onboarding portal to fill out the application.


Please reach out to our Success Team at success@haleymarketing.com or submitting a request directly through HelpCenter.

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