Creating or Editing a Fly-in with HMG's CTA Flyin Plugin


We've created a video with instructions - text instructions with screenshots are below.

Click on the CTA Flyin Plugin item on the dashboard in WordPress and click "Add New."

Anything put into the Title section will appear as the main title on the fly-in.  You can then add content as you would to any page.  


Below that, you will find the action buttons.  The action buttons will help you determine what the "action" is (like Apply Now) and where it should go.


On the right hand side, you have the option to "show once" (meaning it will only appear the first time someone visits the page) or "show automatically" (meaning every time), as well as to choose on which pages it displays, and how long the delay should be before it appears.


You can then decide whether it should be a pop-up, fly-in or banner (on the top or bottom).  Next you would choose the location (top, bottom, right or left) and whether you want a backdrop (which would sort of gray over the rest of the page until they dealt with the fly-in).


The settings tab under the plugin also allows you to change colors, etc.



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