Do Applicants Receive a Notification After Applying?


If you are using the Haley Marketing Job Board Application, and not a third party application, you will be able to set up an optional email to be sent to applicants after they apply.The email will come from your job board default owner and be sent after a candidate submits an application.

Log into myHaley and navigate to Job Boards -> Settings -> Notifications.

"Application Confirmation Subject (optional)" sets up the email subject that is sent.

The "Application Confirmation Text (optional)" is the field that will generate a message to applicants after they apply.  If this field is left empty the applicants will not receive an email after applying.

In the example below the applicant would receive an email that says, "Thank You For Applying!"

When inputting text it is important to use HTML tags to ensure correct formatting.  You can use a WYSIWYG editor to generate HTML source code to input into this field.




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