Custom Contact & System Error Messages


What Are The Custom Error Messages Under Notifications?

When you're in myHaley -> Job Boards -> Settings -> Notifications, you'll see two new fields:

Custom Contact Error Message & Custom System Error Message.

What are these?  The Custom Contact Error Message shows when a duplicate contact is found within Bullhorn and it will not allow the candidate to continue further with the application.

Here is what that looks like:


The Custom System Error Message shows when the job board fails to send the candidate information into Bullhorn.  Don't worry, though, as we'll try again (...and again) to make sure that information is given to Bullhorn.  The candidate's record will be eventually parsed into Bullhorn's system.

Here is what this default message looks like:

You can change these default messages by going into the Notifications section of the job board's settings.  Here is the window you'll see, along with the left navigation bar to help you get there:


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