Managing Referrals Using MyHaley


Go to the section titled Job Boards RMS


Once in MyHaley, you can:

1.  Search the Referral Database – narrow categories/search field to locate certain referrals, referrers.

While viewing a referral, you can:

  • Add more info to the record
  • Enter the date and amount paid to the referrer
  • Designate the referrer as ineligible


2.  Retrieve Quick Reports / Exports – Ability to export reports to .csv file or print a report

  • View all your referrals
  • View ineligible referrals (bad standing)
  • View payment totals – how much is owed or has been paid


3.  Manage Settings

  • Set Referral Interval – determines how many days can pass before a person can be referred again (determined by email address)
  • Set Referral Program Overview – brief explanation of the refer a friend program to be found on the refer a friend form page on your website
  • Set link – determines the URL that the refer a friend overview page will appear (in most cases, HMG will determine)


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