Bullhorn-Integrated Job Boards and Social Sharing


If you have a Bullhorn-integrated job board that was set up prior to 8/29/2017, one-off social sharing can be even easier!

To get started, you need to contact your Bullhorn Support rep and provide them with a link to your job board application. This is a standard link, what they may refer to as a domain root, - just tack the following onto the end of your job board URL, and that is what you will provide to BH: 


Here's an example: 


Your Bullhorn rep will enable this in your BH system. If they're not sure what you're asking them for, please tell them specifically: "Since the live job board has search engine optimization in place, then Bullhorn should use the Haley Marketing provided URL as the domain root on the Corp page or the BH connect menu."

This will allow you to share a job directly from Bullhorn, as opposed to using the share buttons on the job board, making it quicker and easier to get your jobs out to your social media sites. Candidates who click on your shared link will come right back to your job board to apply.

Once Bullhorn has added the URL you provided to your system, you can follow Bullhorn's instructions in the link below to share a job directly from BH.


If your Bullhorn job board was set up AFTER 8/29/2017, the ability to share from BH is automatically configured during your job board set up - so no need to contact BH - just follow the link above and start sharing.

If you have any questions about this feature, please submit a support ticket to us by clicking "Submit a Request" or email us at support@haleymarketing.com.

For information on configuring social sharing settings in myHaley, see our help article here.

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