Can I set two different recruiters to receive resumes for one job?


At this time, only one recruiter's email address can be set to receive resume submissions for a single job. To check which recruiter is set to a job, login to myHaley ( and go to Job Boards>Manage Jobs. From there, click on the job you are looking for, and you will see 'General Information' about the job posting. The recruiter for that job will be displayed in the 'Recruiter' field. The recruiter can also be changed here by clicking the dropdown arrow and choosing another user.




If the person you are looking for is not in the dropdown menu, they need to be added as a user in myHaley by going to Admin>Users>Add a User. 




If you need multiple users to receive resumes, it is possible to set up a distribution list and then use that email address as the recruiter email on the job. We also have the ability to set ALL notifications to go to the default job board owner's email address. Please keep in mind that, if this is done, it would effect all notifications on all jobs. For further assistance, please contact the Haley Marketing Success Team at

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