Who is FlashRecruit:

FlashRecruit is an interactive job marketplace where candidates go to interact with recruiters in a completely new way. Candidates can still use a traditional application path while also having the option to connect live with the specific recruiter attached to the job. When compared with a traditional "Apply Only" job board, FlashRecruit candidates are converting into placements at 3-4X better than other sources. Our clients are telling us:

  • FlashRecruit opens them up to a totally new pool of candidates. These candidates are part of the 9 out of 10 candidates who were not ready to apply and would have historically left otherwise. 
  • Quality is higher. These interactions with active candidates show that these candidates are serious about taking the next step and we do not offer a "mass apply" option. We also hear that FlashRecruit candidates are more "engaged" and have a higher likelihood of responding and connecting with the recruiter. 
  • Speed / Efficiency. Candidates are getting into, or out of the cycle faster than ever before reducing time to hire.  

The current FlashRecruit partnership means a couple of things for our clients:

  • Active jobs on the Haley job board are advertised on FlashRecruit.com at no cost. We drive applications for free that can be tracked. 
  • Clients have the ability to sponsor their jobs at a cost of $25-$15 per job posting driving additional candidate traffic to their jobs.
  • Sponsored jobs become live chat enabled on FlashRecruit.com as well as the Haley job board. 
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