4.1 Add talent in myHaley


To begin, select the Talent Showcase option from the myHaley main menu and click "Manage Talent".

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Manage Talent screen.  From this screen you can easily add a new talent post, edit an existing post, duplicate a post or perform a variety of actions like feature, bulk edit or archive talent posts.

  • To add a new talent post, click "Add New" under the Manage Talent menu.
  • On this screen, you will have the ability to enter information about your candidate. The required fields are "Email", "Title", "First Name", "Last Name", "Date Added", "Expiration Date", "Recruiter", Confidentiality", and "Full Bio"- however, we recommend entering as much information as possible.

The fields include:

Email: The candidate's email address.

Talent Number: This is your company’s internal candidate number, if applicable.

Title: The desired job title of the candidate. This field is required. To help your candidates stand out to prospective clients, we suggest that you incorporate relevant search terms into your talent titles and/or adjectives that make the candidates sound more appealing.

First Name, Last Name: Required fields.

Phone, Address: Optional fields.

City: The city where the candidate is located. We recommend setting a company standard for entering locations, to keep the dropdown menu organized and neat.  Using official names for cities is recommended, for example: Los Angeles as opposed to "Metro Los Angeles". You may select from the drop-down list or build the list by entering a new city by clicking the plus symbol to the right of this field and entering the new city in the space provided.

State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country: The state/province and zip/postal code, country where the candidate is located.

Employment Type: Most often used to describe whether the job is temporary, temp-to-hire, permanent, contract, full-time, part-time, etc. You may select from the drop-down list or build the list by entering a new employment type by clicking the plus symbol to the right of this field and entering the new employment type in the space provided.

Category: Select the category or categories for which a candidate has experience. The choices of category are determined by what you added into the "Manage Categories" section in myHaley.

Desired Pay: This field will support symbols, numbers, or letters.

Date Added: The date posted is the date displayed on the talent post if that field is active on the Talent Showcase.

Expiration Date: The expiration date is used to automatically remove talent from the Talent Showcase. After the expiration date the talent post will no longer be active.

Recruiter: The Recruiter is the owner of the talent post/candidate who will receive the inquiries.  Recruiters can be added, edited or removed through the admin section of myHaley.

Last Job Title, Last Job Date: These fields are for internal use only

Talent Rating: Displays a star rating on your candidate, if this feature is enabled.

Confidentiality: This determines what level of confidentiality the talent/candidate has approved - name, photo, both or neither can be selected. This is informational only, and will not affect the display. If a candidate doesn't want a photo displayed, you can upload a generic image from the library of icons or your own custom image.

Photo: Upload a photo for the talent/candidate to display on their talent post, if enabled. For your convenience, we also provide a basic library of generic images you may choose from by clicking on "Choose from Photo Library".

Full Bio: The full biography of the talent/candidate. This should “sell” the candidate to prospective clients.  The bio is displayed on the talent details page. You may use the editor to add formatting. This field is required.

Custom Excerpt: The List View of the Results page will display the custom excerpt (if entered into this field), or approximately 250 characters of the full biography (if this field is not populated). You may use the editor to add formatting.

Skills: Skills are displayed below the bio on the talent details page. You may use the editor to add formatting, including media, videos, etc.

Testimonial: A testimonials can be added that will display below the skills section on the talent details page. If no skills are included it will display below the bio. You may use the editor to add formatting, including media, videos, etc.

Inquiries: Once talent is posted, you may go back into the Manage Talent section to view inquiries on talent posts. This field will display all inquiries from that talent post. This information can be exported. Content of the original message can be viewed by clicking the "plus" symbol to the left of the name.

Actions Menu

In the upper right green box, you'll see an "Actions" box. This is where you can mark talent to be featured, save as a draft for later publishing, publish the talent post, or remove the talent post by archiving.

Share This Talent:

This section of the post editing screen can be used to share talent posts individually to various social media sites. To share, you need to be logged into the account to which you're posting.


You can view the quantity of inquiries over a period of time by viewing the "Performance" tab, on the right side of the screen.  To view the actual inquiries, click on the "View Inquiries" button.

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