1.5 Talent Showcase Subnavigation Menu


Talent Showcase Sub-Menu Options

Select the Talent Showcase option from the myHaley main menu. The Talent Showcase submenu options may include the following:

Dashboard – Provides a quick overview of your Talent Showcase’s statistics and important links.

Manage Talent – Add, edit or archive talent posts from the Talent Showcase on your website.

Manage Categories – Add talent categories and sub categories in this section, which can be used to organize your talent posts on your Talent Showcase.

Inquiries – Search, view and download inquiries from talent posts in this section based on the desired time frame. You can download various formats, such as .csv, Excel, PDF or print ready.

Settings – Manage the settings that control the functionality of your Talent Showcase, including notifications, searching, branding, mobile and social sharing.

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