1.4 Your Talent Showcase dashboard


Your myHaley Talent Showcase dashboard can tell you a lot about how your Talent Showcase is working, and can give you easy access to many useful features.

There are quick button links at the top for Managing Talent, Managing Talent Categories and Settings. Those options also appear in the left menu, along with links to the Dashboard and Inquiries.

Talent Section

Active Talent: the number of talent posts that are currently posted on your Talent Showcase.

Expired Talent: the number of talent posts that are no longer being displayed on your Talent Showcase but are available to manage or re-post.

Information Section

Talent Showcase URL: the web address of your Talent Showcase, which should be linked from your website.

RSS Talent Feed: This is a link for an RSS feed of your talent posts.  An RSS feed is intended to be used with an RSS reader (the link may not make sense if you try to open it in a web browser). Clients can subscribe to your talent RSS feed, and the RSS feed can also be used to feed your talent posts to social media sites, your website, etc.

Statistics Section

This section displays your Top Performing Talent and the number of inquiries per talent post. You can download this particular data right from this screen by clicking the hamburger menu in the top right area.


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