What are all these blank applications on my job posting in myHaley?


PLEASE NOTE: We have improved the appearance of the Manage Applications screen - Clients who do not use the Haley application will no longer see blank application rows (which are explained below). For these clients who use a third party application instead of the built-in Haley applications, you WILL still continue to have Apply Now clicks added to application counts as they always have been, and sources will flow into your data from these clicks. You're just not going to see these reflected as empty rows on application lists any longer.


So you're viewing a job posting in myHaley and you see a whole bunch of applications with no names/contact info - just Method and Source are filled out. What are these?

This is a new feature on the Haley Marketing job board that will benefit our clients who use third party applications instead of the job board application built into the Haley Marketing job board.

The job board will now track "clicks" - when a client uses a third party application, and someone clicks on the "Apply Online" or "Apply With Indeed" buttons on the job board, this "click" will now be counted in with the rest of the applications - giving our clients a better idea of how many people are beginning their online applications. This data is also available on your myHaley job boards dashboard as well.

Within the job posting view, the "Method" column will show what application the candidate used to apply, typically this will say "hmgstandard" or the name of your ATS - which means that someone clicked "Apply Online" and was redirected to a third party ATS application - or "apply-with-indeed" - which means someone applied using the "Apply With Indeed" button (if enabled) on the job.

The "Source" column displays the referral source of the candidate.

If someone registered on the job board prior to clicking apply, their registration/contact info will display.

One thing to note - how this can help you - if you see a ton of clicks in myHaley, but not as many applications, it could mean that people are abandoning your third party application prior to applying. If this happens, there are some things you should consider - Is the application too long? Is the application functioning as expected on desktop and on mobile? How hard is it to fill out the mobile version of the application?

Haley Marketing offers an option to override your third party application - on desktop or on mobile, or on both. To find out more, and decide whether this option makes sense for your application process, contact our support team for more information.

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