Best Practices: Sharing Jobs on Social Media


So you want to share your jobs on social media...that's a great idea!

We have some best practices for you to use to help your job postings reach your candidates through social media sites.

Our job board provides a few ways for you to share jobs on social media:

  • You can manually click individual jobs on the job board and then share them with your social networks.  Ideally, each recruiter in your firm would go to the job board, search for the jobs they are trying to fill and then use the share this icon to share jobs on LinkedIn groups.
  • To share, you'll want to look for this icon on your job board!  
    • Recruiters can also use the LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ icons to share jobs on individual social networks.
    • Manually cut and paste the URLs of individual jobs to your company page as an update.
  • Beyond individual sharing, you can take the RSS feed of your jobs and use to pass all job data to your social networks.  You can find your RSS feed in MyHaley -> Job Boards -> Dashboard under the "Information" tab.  Need more information on setting up


Want to get even more advanced, you can create RSS feeds for individual recruiters or for specific job categories!

  • Once you create these feeds, you can use to share the data to social sites.  For example, each recruiter might want to share a feed of just their own jobs to their personal LinkedIn status updates or to Twitter or Facebook.  Or you might create a Twitter account just for MarketingJobsinBuffalo and then feed all your Marketing jobs to this Twitter account.
  • To create an RSS feed for a specific recruiter, you add “?ff=1&contact=ID” to the end of the RSS feed URL.  The ID is the UserID for each recruiter in mMyHaley, and you can find this ID number from the Edit a User drop down in
  • For example, to find all the jobs for Victoria (Co-Owner & COO of Haley Marketing!), login to myhaley. Go to Admin, Users on the left menu.  Click the drop down arrow next to Select a User, and then you will see a number after Victoria's name (18637).  This is the number you use for the UserID.
  • Here’s is Victoria’s RSS feed:

In regard to optimizing for LinkedIn, our recommendation is to do the following:

  • Setup the RSS feed link from your job board (using, for all jobs, if you don’t have that many on the website) to the status updates for each person in your firm.
  • Manually share individual jobs to local LinkedIn groups where candidates are likely to be members.  Use the LinkedIn icon next to each job on the job board to do this.  Be selective in doing this because you don’t want to be spamming groups with job data.  We’d recommend adding a personal note to the share that addresses the group members.  For example, if you are sharing a job in a group for local SHRM members, write a title or detail with something like: “Hi fellow SHRM group members, we have an exciting job opportunity and welcome your referrals.”
  • Manually share every job to your company page on LinkedIn.  You have to do this by cutting and pasting the URL into your Company Profile page.

It's time to get on your job board and start sharing your jobs on your social media site of preference!

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the support department at Haley Marketing with questions.  You can open up a support ticket by going to MyHaley and clicking on the green "Support" envelope at the top of the window.

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