Developing a Content Plan for Your Business



Content Plan Overview:

Define your goals


First, your Social Media Marketing Advisor will contact you to set up a kick-off call. On this kick-off call we will lay out what your business goals are, geographic market, target market, client or candidate focused content and we will determine the tone and type of articles you like and what trade publications you may read.


SEO Research


Next, we will perform target market research using our SEO team and the most cutting-edge tools available. We want to see what are some of the common searches and keywords to incorporate into our blog titles and posts to help your content start ranking for those searches. This is an ongoing process that we will review and augment as necessary.   


Content Ideas/ Industry Research


We then come up with topic ideas and keywords to target based on your business goals. We conduct research on the business and market to see what is relevant and what is coming down the line in the industry that will benefit readers.


Create a Content calendar.


Lastly, when we send the first draft of the content plan, you will see 3 months’ worth of content with notes highlighting the important points we want our writers to stress in the article and one source for the writer to begin their research. Remember, your feedback during this part of the process is crucial. We want to make sure that every topic is up to the standards of your business!


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