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Category Mailings are email notifications that can be sent automatically to your candidates who have created an account on your job board, and given you permission to email. Using this feature used to require the ability to mark jobs as featured, but can now be used for mailing any new jobs to candidates who have signed up for a specific category of jobs. Category Mailings require the sign up option to be displayed on your job board.

You can set up mailings for each category/industry you have on your job board. People are added to your mailings lists for each category as a result of a question on the registration/Haley Marketing Application here:

For a mailing to be sent, you must have mailings for that category enabled, whether "New Jobs Marked Featured" or "Any New Job Posting". These mailings may be scheduled weekly, or sent "now".

To feature jobs (for client posting through myHaley):

For integrated clients, please contact to find out if you can mark jobs as featured using your applicant tracking system.

To schedule mailings: Choose the "Manage Categories" link from within the "Job Boards" section of and add or choose a category.

Follow the rest of the instructions in the Manage Categories section here.

Category Mailings Default Email Template

Click on "Edit Default Email Template" to edit the default template on which your mailings will be based. To edit an email template for a specific category of mailings, go to Manage Categories and choose your category.

Category Mailings Reporting (New Feature)

See how your featured mailings were last sent, including new stats on how they performed, including bounces, deliveries, views and percentages, and clicks and percentages. Also includes the ability to export this data.


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Category Mailings - UPDATED SECTION - New Options

Category Mailings are an easy way to provide extra value to your candidates, improve job response rates, and request referrals. These email notifications are sent to candidates who have created an account on your job board, and have given you permission to email. The emails match candidates who have specified an interest in a particular category with jobs that match that category and are automatically sent weekly.

Many of our clients have been using an earlier version of Category Mailings - the previous iteration of this feature allowed clients who post jobs via myHaley and some integrations to set specific jobs as "Featured". These Category Mailings work almost the same way, with more options for those clients who cannot mark jobs as featured with their third party integrations.

  1. What to Send (NEW FEATURE): This allows a client to choose the types of jobs from this category to include in these automated mailings. You can choose "New Jobs Marked Featured" (which is what Featured Mailings has always been - new jobs that are marked as featured) - or the newest option to include "Any New Matching Job" (which includes any new jobs posted since the last mailing). To disable mailings, select "Nothing, Disable Mailing".
  2. Send From: Send this category's mailings from your job board's default owner, or the recruiter of your choice.
  3. Email Subject: The default subject is "Featured Jobs for {category name}" - to customize the subject line, just type the new one into this field. The subject line is also included in the email body, as seen in the Email Preview below this section.
  4. Email Preview (NEW FEATURE): See how your email will look with your customizations before you send it! To edit the email template, click on the "Edit Template" button. This will display the fields that make up the email.
    • Email Header - Add content which will appear below the subject line and above the job links.
    • Email Footer - Add content which will appear below the job posts and above the email's closing.
    • Email Template - By default, your company logo will appear at the top with a simple design using either the default black or your primary logo color. Changes made to this template will override the default email template, which is located and editable within the main Featured Mailings section.
  5. When to Send: This setting determines on which day these weekly mailings will be sent. Mailings may be set as "Not Schedule" if you prefer to use the "Send Now" option.
  6. Proximity (NEW FEATURE)Users that have valid zip codes in their profiles will only be notified of jobs within this proximity of their location. Users without a valid zip code will see all jobs in mailings.
  7. Send Now: Clicking this button will queue up a mailings to be sent within 5-10 minutes. Make sure you choose "What to Send" prior to using this option to ensure the correct jobs are included in the Send Now mailing.

Please Note: Mailings are sent starting at approximately 12:01am on the day you chose to schedule the mailing, unless you chose to send the mailing immediately. If a mailing is set up in the same day it is scheduled, our system looks for these mailings and will send them within 5-10 minutes of creation of the mailing.

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