7.10 Featured Mailings


Featured Mailings are email notifications that you can send to candidates who have created an account on your job board, and given you permission to email. Using this feature requires the ability to mark jobs as featured, as well as requires the sign up option to be displayed on your job board. If you're manually posting jobs through myHaley, this is available for you - if you post through an ATS integration, this may or may not be available. Check with our support team to make sure at support@haleymarketing.com.

You can set up mailings for each category/industry you have on your job board. People are added to your mailings lists for each category as a result of a question on the registration/Haley Marketing Application here:

For a mailing to be sent, you must have jobs featured in the category for which the mailings is set up, and you must set up and schedule or send the mailing.

To feature jobs (for client posting through myHaley):


To schedule mailings:

  1. Choose the "Featured Mailings" link from within the "Job Boards" section of myHaley.haleymarketing.com.

  2. Click "Add a Mailing."

  3. You will choose a category for your mailing, and have the option of using auto-populated text, or customizing the title and message. 
  4. Then choose the appropriate rep in the "From Contact" drop down.
  5. Depending on your needs, you can choose to have a mailing sent automatically on the same day each week, or you can set up a mailing, and send it out manually when you wish.  This is controlled in the Autosend field. Either select a day of the week for automatic mailings, or leave as "not scheduled" if you wish to send it out manually.
  6. When finished with the fields, click "submit," then click "Mailings" and return to the main mailing screen.
  7. Your new mailing will now appear below.  If you did not choose a day of the week for automatic mailings, you can now choose to manually send it.  To do so, select the mailing, click the Actions button, and click "Send Now." It will be sent within 15 minutes of clicking "Send Now."
  8. You can also edit or delete mailings within this screen.
Mailings are sent starting at approximately 12:01am on the day you chose to schedule the mailing, unless you chose to send the mailing immediately. If a mailing is set up in the same day it is scheduled, our system looks for these mailings and will send them within 15 minutes of creation of the mailing.

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