Using Apply with Indeed on the Haley Marketing Job Board


If Apply with Indeed is enabled* on your Haley Marketing job board, your candidates will have an alternate option when applying for a job.  Here's what the job posting will look like:


When a candidate clicks on "Apply with Indeed", they will bypass your default application - whether that is the built-in job board application, or your ATS application** (if you're using the job board with an integration). They will be presented with the shorter Apply with Indeed application - which allows them to login and use their Indeed account to apply.

Once they submit their application, the rest of the process is handled by Indeed. Here's what happens:

  1. The candidate receives a notification from Indeed confirming that the application was received, and notifying the applicant to whom it was actually sent.
  2. The recruiter assigned to the job*** receives a notification from Indeed alerting them to an application.

Important notes:

*If you don't have Apply with Indeed enabled, please contact your Marketing Educator or support to get the details.

**Please remember that the Indeed app BYPASSES your ATS application, so those candidates who use it will NOT go directly into your ATS software. You will need to either share a link to ATS candidate self-entry (if you have that feature in your ATS), or you will need to manually enter the candidates. Some clients don't mind the manual entry, if it means less drop-off with candidates using a quicker way to apply. Some candidates prefer not to use it to avoid manual entry of candidates - it is a choice you can make taking into consideration your needs.

***Some integrated clients do not have recruiters assigned to each job. If that is the case, Indeed applications will be routed to the default job board owner on your account. If you're not sure who that is, you can login to your myHaley account and view or change the default owner.

If you don't have a myHaley account, or have questions, feel free to browse or search our knowledgebase, or submit a support ticket by going to

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