Successful Campaign Best Practices



So you have decided to promote your staffing agency on Facebook or Instagram – this article will give you a broad overview of successful Facebook/Instagram Campaign Best Practices.

Typically, there are four basic campaign goals when advertising on Facebook—raising brand awareness, promote an app, drive in-store sales, drive online sales. For most staffing agencies, raising brand awareness and online applications are the most common goals of a campaign.

Raise Brand Awareness

You want to get the word out about your staffing company – when applicants are more aware of your business, they are more likely to apply through your staffing agency.

Drive Online Sales (Or Applications)

Utilize Facebook advertising that optimizes website click and conversion to applications on your website. Through engaging pictures and relevant information about your jobs/services you can encourage candidates to visit your site and apply.

Facebook's Key Principles to Content

Understanding your applicants is key to the success of your advertising campaign. Facebook has noted these four key principles when considering your target and building your campaign:

  1. Stories and facts – share the personal moment and stories with your candidates.
  2. Atomized content – focus on having high-quality stories that resonate with your audience.
  3. Thumb-friendly content – stop people (thumbs) from scrolling past your content trough engaging the audience’s sense.
  4. Content franchises – your content should have an ownable and repeatbale themed connection.

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