Does the Haley Marketing Career Portal Have More Than One Application Option?


The Haley Marketing Career portal has three options for applications; the standard, classic, and long.  

Below is an explanation of each along with a screenshot of the application. The items that are optional/can be removed or made required.

Please note that if you are using an ATS integration with your Career Portal, one or more of these application options may not be available with your integration. Please contact if you are unsure of which application options are available with your ATS integration.

  • Standard application requests basic contact info, such as name, email, phone, and a resume.
  • Classic application requests the same as above, but also requests address (not a required field), "How did you first hear about this opportunity?" (optional - this sets the referral source on the job) and "What types of jobs interest you?" (which adds this candidate to your category mailings list for that category/ies).
  • Long application includes all classic options in addition to two new tabs requesting work experience and education. The information requested on these tabs is not required.






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