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Why should I integrate my Haley Marketing Career Portal with Jobs on Facebook?

Jobs on Facebook is a free add-on to your Haley Marketing Career Portal. Facebook is connected to millions of users worldwide, and provides as wide or as narrow a reach as you need match up your jobs to job candidates.

Where do I find my jobs posted on Facebook?

When Jobs on Facebook is enabled, and page matching is set up, jobs from your Haley Marketing Career Portal may appear in the following locations depending on your Facebook settings:

Can I sponsor my job posting to increase its visibility?

Jobs published on Facebook Jobs cannot be promoted through Haley Marketing's Career Portal. This must be done manually by logging into Facebook, creating a post for a job that displays on the Facebook page, then using Facebook's tools to promote that post beyond the standard level. You cannot boost a job if it is not part of an actual post.

How do I receive applications from job seekers that applied via Jobs on Facebook?

The candidate information is sent from Facebook back to Haley Marketing's system, and we process the data the same way we do for Apply with LinkedIn or Apply with ZipRecruiter. If you use Haley's application, you'll get a notification and information is added to myHaley and your ATS, if your integration supports it. Two-way API integrations will typically work this way. If you use a third party application with your Haley Career Portal, since the candidate is not directed to your career portal to apply, we send the information via an email notification to the recruiter assigned to the job, or the Haley Career Portal's job board default owner, if recruiter emails are not supported as part of your career portal integration.
Contact our Success team if you have questions specific to your integration.

What happens when 2 providers try to publish a job to the same Facebook page?

At any point, the Facebook Page Admin can modify which provider is connected to their Company Page. They can only have one source connected at any time, and the page will default to whatever provider was first connected. If you want to disable page matching, you can do this in Facebook Settings > Jobs - disconnect Jobs from API Sources.

Can businesses still manually post jobs on their pages?

No. Connecting a page to a third-party source will remove any jobs posted on the Jobs tab, and no new jobs can be posted. Existing manually posted jobs may still appear in search results and continue to receive applications unless they’re closed or deleted.

How long will it take for my job to get through integrity review once the feed to Jobs on Facebook is enabled?

The full integrity review can sometimes take 24-48 hours, although on average it is completed much faster than that. Your job will not be publicly available until it has passed through integrity review.

How long will it take for my job to get matched to a page?

Jobs are immediately posted once they have passed through integrity review, although they may not be immediately correlated with a page. If a match is found, either through the provided company Facebook url, or through company information matching, the job will be presented to the page admin, who can choose to accept or deny the page match. If they accept the match, the job will begin to appear associated with the Facebook page.

Can I require a resume to be submitted when the candidate is applying?

When you manually post a job on Facebook you have the option of requiring the candidate to attach a resume to their application. Currently, Facebook only displays jobs that require a resume on mobile devices. As a result of this limitation, we are not currently supporting the ability to pass through the integration the requirement to attach a resume.

In what order do the jobs display on the Jobs tab on a page?

The way the feed is parsed and the way the jobs are listed is a bit unpredictable. For performance related reasons, the feed is split up into smaller chunks, and the jobs are created asynchronously in parallel from our side in no specific order. The order in which the jobs are listed in the jobs tab is not reliably consistent due to this.

What happens if the position is filled and it needs to be removed?

If you close a job within your ATS or archive a job in myHaley, it will be removed from the feed to Facebook, and will then be removed from Jobs on Facebook.

How do I get started?

Follow the instructions here to enable your jobs for the Jobs on Facebook feed, and to match your page to your jobs. Contact the Haley Marketing Success team if you have questions.

Read more directly from Facebook Business Help here.

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