2021 Haley Marketing Release Notes (Updated 3/17/2021)


Career Portal Release v1.2.0 (3/17/2021)

Bullhorn Integration Improvements

  • I am sorry, have we met? An applicant who exists in your Bullhorn database but has not yet created a job board account applies for a job and is told they exist already and to login. They get confused and wonder how they exist when they’re never seen your job board. We have clarified this messaging, so it makes more sense to the applicant for next steps.
  • New feature alert! You asked for it – we made it happen! When a candidate applies for a job, that job’s category can be added to the candidate record category field.

    Responses are not overwritten when a candidate applies for a job from a different category, they’re added to whatever already exists. Other Area(s) is a default value and will always populate. Contact the Success team to have this feature enabled.

    Please note: This ONLY works when a candidate applies for a job, as that's where the category comes from. Quick Applies and applications without a job attached will still default as previously experienced.

Job Board Updates

  • Not allowed to ask about salary history on your application? Many states are no longer allowing it – so if you’re using Haley’s long form application, these questions have been removed.
  • Streamlining processes! After a candidate signs up for the job board using the social logins (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), the next page they saw was the search screen. To help gather a bit more information and permission to email, the candidate is now directed to answer a couple more questions. Don’t have your social logins enabled? Contact Success to find out more.

Coming Soon!

  • Enhancements to automated reporting across all products. Stay tuned for details!

NetSocial Release v1.2.2 (1/5/2021)

NetSocial Bugfixes

  • Fix for schedule timeslots deleting on the front end but not the back end - causing queue scheduling issues
  • Added fix for schedule in calendar view not refreshing when a post is rescheduled
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