2021 Haley Marketing Release Notes (Updated 10/11/2021)


NetSocial Bugfixes (10/11/2021)

  • Adjusted path names on NetSocial site to be more consistent.
  • Resolved a bug occurring when a user attempted to take a bulk action on the Social Accounts page and the apply button wasn't working.
  • Fixed bug so if a user switches from personal to company view on the social account schedules page - the schedule populates correctly, but doesn’t work from company to personal view.
  • Added a refresh button on past deliveries so users can see updated stats.
  • Tool tip added where Earned Value is explained - This is a weighted average based on the platform, post content and activity. This is a number we estimate it would take for a paid campaign to get this visibility. This feature is still in beta testing with our Tech Team so expect the adjustments in the future.
  • Refined new user onboarding to allow to skip channel subscription step if no social accounts were added.
  • Fixed bug where user tried to reschedule a post for multiple accounts, but only one rescheduled - also added calendar refresh after reschedule, so calendar is updated without needing to manual refresh screen.
  • Made it possible to delete a user in NetSocial who has not accepted an invitation.
  • Error 500 when uploading images - resolved an issue with server space.
  • When editing a channel, if settings were changed and user confirmed with a save, the settings saved to the database, but the settings displayed in the modal didn't update until a page refresh. Resolved.
  • Fixed bug occurring when creating a user and adding them to a team, after submit a user was created, but they were not added to the selected team.
  • Fixed schedule so after post is saved, schedule refreshes and post is shown in the correct place.
  • Resolved issues when switching channel from private and public and added clearer error messaging.

Career Portal Release v1.2.4 (8/11/2021)

Bullhorn integration enhancements - Improved the passing of long application data and resume data to Bullhorn (work experience, education). Not using the long application for Bullhorn? Update your myHaley settings via Job Boards > Settings > Applications - https://helpme.haleymarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/207210183-Applications-Settings


  • Fixed issues with cached data being sent via Performance Email notifications.
  • Resolved issue with Jobs on Facebook applications where resumes were not being attached.
  • Cleaned up the error that displays when a Bullhorn user already exists in BH and tries to apply/sign in on the career portal.
  • Applications view - fixed issue related to searching for applications.


NetSocial Bugfixes (7/19/2021)

  • Improved error messages when trying to subscribe to a channel if user is already subscribed under another account.
  • Your posts aren't getting scheduled? Check your daily post limit - if you have a limit set, no posts will be able to be scheduled beyond the post limit for the NetSocial user.
  • Disconnected accounts were displaying as paused instead of disconnected, causing problems when trying to unpause accounts. This has been resolved.
  • Posts were going out from channels with paused subscriptions. Fixed the channel subscriber check to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Career Portal Release v1.2.3 (7/13/2021)

  • Preview a new Career Portal Add-on - Application Manager! Sign up for our upcoming webinar to get an overview of our new Application Management Tool (Application Manager) add-on for the Haley Career Portal. Make it easier to categorize, organize, and respond to all the candidates applying to your jobs within myHaley.
  • Jobs on Facebook officially released! This is a free service with the Career Portal - find out more here: Now Available - Jobs on Facebook - How to integrate your Haley Marketing Career Portal
  • Get jobs out faster - We increased the frequency of building XML feeds that are consumed by job aggregators like Indeed - to help your jobs get out faster.
  • Enhanced filtering on Manage Applications page in preparation for a new product coming soon! Watch your inbox for details!
  • Bullhorn-integrated clients - when candidates who exist in your BH database but don't yet exist as a user on the job board login, they're now met with a clearer message to direct them to getting a new password or magic login email.
  • Sign up with Twitter - Candidates are now directed to a proper thank you page after signing up with Twitter. Not using Social Logins on your career portal? Contact Success to find out how!
  • Downloading resumes from myHaley not working? Resolved bug preventing resume downloads from Chrome browser.
  • No more empty XML feeds - We added checks to our process to prevent build of empty feeds to aggregators. 
  • Jobs on Facebook bugfixes - resolved an issue with Facebook-generated resumes not attaching to application notifications, as well as resolved an issue where source of Facebook wasn't being attributed to apps from Facebook.

Team Profiles Release (6/21/2021)

  • Added Belgium to list of countries for team members.

Career Portal Bugfixes (6/21/2021)

  • More accurate individual application source tracking for candidates who previously applied from a different source.

NetSocial Bugfixes (6/9/2021)

  • Your magic login link expired to soon? We tweaked the magic login token policy to create new tokens each time a link is requested, and set expiration to 24 hours per token.
  • We had an issue where users were trying to subscribe to a channel as myself, but then attempting to subscribe as the company - which we don't allow so we can prevent duplicate posts - but the error that displayed when users tried to do it wasn't clear enough - now when you try, we give you more information about the error.

NetSocial Bugfixes (6/2/2021)

  • Client reported issue with scheduling posts as the company for a custom date and time - while we weren't able to replicate it, we did find an issue in our logs which we patched up that should resolve.
  • Fixed a user interface display issue where posts were showing up twice on the schedule, even though only one post was scheduled.
  • Some Facebook posts weren't delivering for accounts that had changes to Facebook profiles and permissions. Discovered and resolved an issue with access tokens not refreshing successfully.

NetSocial Bugfixes (5/24/2021)

  • Fixed intermittent crash issue unique to using NetSocial in Safari browser.
  • LinkedIn deliveries couldn't be deleted - bug resolved.
  • Error 500 bug - This took more than a bit of sleuthing to resolve, but we think we've got it - The issue was in creating approvals when there is attached media and the post was being distributed to subscribers.
  • Post Approval issues - Approval option should not have been enabled in the edit-channel modal for company accounts (viewing as company on channels page).
  • Removing NetSocial users in myHaley will now disable them in NetSocial. Coming soon - delete a user from inside NetSocial, as opposed to myHaley.

NetSocial Bugfixes (5/17/2021)

  • Resolved an issue where scheduled posts went out for social accounts that were paused.
  • It was reported that users could not delete channels and delete/disconnect social pages; this has been fixed.
  • Added enhanced messaging to remind users that text is required when posting to all social platforms.
  • Users are now able to upload multiple images when posting to LinkedIn.

NetSocial Bugfixes (4/28/2021)

  • Top Performing Posts display issues: Account Unavailable was displaying in Top Performing Posts for active users. This will only display moving forward for accounts that are no longer active. Also, we were not showing which accounts a top performing post went out to if it went out to more than one user or account. Now you can click on it and see them all.
  • Can’t remove a subscriber from a channel? When a channel owner opened the edit channel modal, they were unable to remove subscribers. The “x” button didn’t work. This has been fixed.
  • Issue unpausing accounts: Pausing accounts only worked with the multiple select action button. Now users can be paused/unpaused in the user’s row on the Manage All page.
  • Inadvertently sending of deleted posts: We fixed a bug which caused some deleted posts to inadvertently send.
  • Sharing to Twitter issue: NetSocial used to think what you wrote for a Twitter post was too long, even though it meets Twitter's guidelines - we are using Twitter’s weighted link count now, instead of counting every character in a link.
  • Alert before switching accounts: To make things clearer, when switching accounts, you'll now see an alert, before switching.
  • Post Field Copy/Paste Issue: When users copied text and didn’t press any keys after pasting (when specifically using Chrome web browser), the placeholder text was still visible in the post text input. This has been resolved.
  • Default Channel Approvals to ON: When global approvals are enabled for a channel, the default for any subchannels will be to require approvals as well.
  • Remove pages prompt from onboarding: To reduce user (non-admin) confusion during on boarding, we removed the prompt to add LinkedIn or Facebook groups or pages for non-admin users. You can do that later!
  • Unhandled login error: Login tokens expire after – if a user tried clicking an expired login link, NetSocial just crashed with no explanation. Now we tell you why.
  • Onboarding loop: Don’t like going in circles? During onboarding, adding just a Facebook profile (no groups or pages) prevented you from moving forward. We make adding a social profile optional for adding channels, too.
  • View as Company Issue: When new NetSocial company accounts were set up, the admin was not able to view as the Company, this is fixed!

Career Portal Release v1.2.0 (3/17/2021)

Bullhorn Integration Improvements

  • I am sorry, have we met? An applicant who exists in your Bullhorn database but has not yet created a job board account applies for a job and is told they exist already and to login. They get confused and wonder how they exist when they’re never seen your job board. We have clarified this messaging, so it makes more sense to the applicant for next steps.
  • New feature alert! You asked for it – we made it happen! When a candidate applies for a job, that job’s category can be added to the candidate record category field.

    Responses are not overwritten when a candidate applies for a job from a different category, they’re added to whatever already exists. Other Area(s) is a default value and will always populate. Contact the Success team to have this feature enabled.

    Please note: This ONLY works when a candidate applies for a job, as that's where the category comes from. Quick Applies and applications without a job attached will still default as previously experienced.

Job Board Updates

  • Not allowed to ask about salary history on your application? Many states are no longer allowing it – so if you’re using Haley’s long form application, these questions have been removed.
  • Streamlining processes! After a candidate signs up for the job board using the social logins (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), the next page they saw was the search screen. To help gather a bit more information and permission to email, the candidate is now directed to answer a couple more questions. Don’t have your social logins enabled? Contact Success to find out more.

Coming Soon!

  • Enhancements to automated reporting across all products. Stay tuned for details!

NetSocial Release v1.2.2 (1/5/2021)

NetSocial Bugfixes

  • Fix for schedule timeslots deleting on the front end but not the back end - causing queue scheduling issues
  • Added fix for schedule in calendar view not refreshing when a post is rescheduled
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