Can I integrate Facebook Jobs with Haley Marketing's job board?


Unfortunately, we cannot push jobs to Facebook the same way the Haley job board is able to do with other aggregators. When posting jobs to Facebook as Facebook Jobs posts, the tracking and automation they have is limited. For the most part, Facebook Jobs need to be posted manually, although you can include an email address to forward the application information to.

Some clients have integrations with larger job boards, such as Indeed or Career Builder, which pull a job feed from those platforms to display in a section of the Facebook Page. However, we do not believe these jobs get posted organically to the Facebook Page's feed--rather, they just display under one section of the Facebook Page. Therefore, because they aren't Facebook Jobs, they would not live on that platform, and we cannot boost them (for example, putting ad spend behind a Facebook Jobs organic post).

An alternative to this would be to set up an RSS feed, which automatically posts one of your jobs to Facebook when it gets posted. 

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