How Do I Know if Candidates Are Receiving an Application Confirmation Email?


With the Haley Marketing job board, you have the ability to send candidates confirmation email notifications after they apply to your jobs. To locate these notification settings, login to and go to Job Boards>Settings>Notifications on the left navigation.


From there, you can turn on/off admin job board signup notifications, admin application notifications, and candidate notifications. When these settings are turned on, a blue check mark will appear next to the field. 


If you choose to send candidate notification emails, you have the option to customize the email subject and text. Useful variables to include in the email text can be found to the right of the text box. For example, if you would like the email to address the candidate's first name, you can include the !!!USER_FNAME!!! variable in your message. It is important to click the 'Update Text' button below the 'Application Confirmation Email Notification Text' box if you make any changes. This notification email will then be automatically sent to anyone who applies to a job from your job board.


Please contact the Haley Marketing Success Team at if you have any questions.

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